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On Stage at the Turlock Community Theatre

The Turlock Community Theatre is a central feature of the main grand old building of Turlock High School. The theatre, which originally served as a high school auditorium, is included on the National Register of Historic Buildings and is one of the most historical resources of the region. The operation of the theatre as a community and performing arts facility is the focus of a group of community leaders who united to revive this cultural gem for the residents of Stanislaus County and the Valley region.

Now you can become an integral part of the Turlock Community Theatre by becoming a sponsor of "On Stage".

"On Stage" will offer a wide range of benefits for the entire region and is dedicated to providing family and youth with opportunities for cultural enrichment. The 1000-seat Turlock Community Theatre is the only facility of its kind for the Turlock community and the entire Valley region.

The Stage is Set!

Our thanks go out to each of you who so generously helped to
renovate, reconstruct, and restore the Turlock Community Theatre. Now, the stage is set for our Theatre to become a community performing arts center.

The Curtain is Raised!

The sounds of music, laughter and applause are back! Local
dance troupes have returned to familiar surroundings. The Turlock Community Concert Association has chosen to make the Theatre its home and other organizations will soon follow.

Now, the Spotlight is on You!

With the stage set and the curtain raised, the spotlight is on you! What next? You can smile and take a well deserved bow for your generosity, and you can...

Join Us On Stage!

We cordially invite you to become a sponsor of On Stage at the Turlock Community Theatre, a collaborative team of community-minded citizens, who are committed to staging, show casing, promoting, and underwriting superior entertainment in our historical landmark theatre.

When you join us On Stage, you will:

  • Shape the future of the theatre, music, and performing arts in our community.
  • Help defray overhead and rental fees for local groups.
  • Become partners in bringing premiere, world-class entertainment to our stage.

Annual sponsorships in On Stage at the Turlock Community Theatre are available in many categories and are applicable to you and your significant other under one sponsorship umbrella.

So On With The Show!

A sponsorship in On Stage at the Turlock Community Theatre is reserved for YOU at our box office. Make a generous, tax-deductible donation and join us On Stage. Sponsorships are available in various categories and are suitable for gift giving.

Benefits include:

  • A discount on the purchase of Season Tickets based on level of sponsorship.
  • Priority notification of upcoming events.
  • Program acknowledgments of your sponsorship contribution.
  • The satisfaction of personally supporting the arts and historical preservation in our community.

To Contribute:

For further information on Contributions or becoming an On Stage sponsor please call the Box Office at:

(209) 668-1169.

Contributions to On Stage at the Turlock Community Theatre are deductible for income tax purposes within the limits prescribed by law. Your support is deeply appreciated.
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Season Ticket Patrons are reserved the best available seating with the option of keeping the same seats the following season or upgrading to new seats whenever possible.

2017-2018 On Stage Sponsors

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