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Seating at the Turlock Community Theatre


What is your theatre like?

The TCT is a professional performing arts theatre with excellent acoustics and sightlines. The main/orchestra floor has 596 fixed seats, plus 72 additional seats, located at small cabaret tables in front of the stage. The balcony is surprisingly close to the stage and has 334 seats. We have comfortable graduated (or raked) seating, positioned in a curved pattern so that all seats face the stage.

Originally built in 1925 by famed architect Henry Weeks, the Theatre's distinctive interior design reflects elements of Art Nouveau, Spanish, Mediterranean and Moorish influences. It's important to remember that from the outside the Theatre looks like an old brick high school and has a sign for the Turlock School District.


How far away are the seats from the stage?

All seats are located within 85 feet from the stage.


What time do the doors open?

The doors to the Lobby open one hour before every performance. Theatre seating usually begins within 5 to 10 minutes. If a patron has a special reason to be seated before the Theatre seating begins, please arrive early and let us know upon your arrival.


How long do the concerts last?

Most of our concerts last approximately 90 minutes, but there are often exceptions if the crowd calls for encores.


Will there be an intermission and an opportunity to purchase beverages and snacks?

Some of our concerts have intermissions, and some do not. This is the choice of the artist. We do not have a concession, and food and beverages are not permitted in the seating area. The one exception is that anyone may bring in their own plastic bottled water.


Is it okay to take photographs at a concert?

Bringing cameras to concerts in an intimate theatre such as the TCT is generally discouraged. It is very rare that performers allow members of the audience to take photographs and never video. If you choose to bring a camera, you must be prepared to honor signs posted that may say No photography permitted.


Does TCT have assigned seating?

Yes, all seats are assigned according to row and seat number when tickets are purchased.


Where do I park?

Although the Theatre does not have a parking lot, there is ample free parking on the street in every direction on both sides of Canal Dr. We suggest that you add an extra 5-10 minutes to your drive time to allow for parking, especially on Friday nights in the Fall when the high school next door has football games. Drop-offs can be made at our front door by entering the circular driveway.


Do you have wheelchair seating available?

Yes. It is important, however, to request wheelchair or ambulatory seating when purchasing tickets.


Is there a special entrance for physically challenged patrons?

Yes. We have a side door entrance available. Please ask directions to this entrance when ordering tickets.


What method of payment do you accept?

In advance of show days, we accept checks, cash, and credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. On show days, we accept cash or credit cards only. All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.

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