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Stage   Sound   Lighting

Stage Layout

Light Plot

Stage Dimensions: 29' D x 31' W x 3'8" H
Proscenium Height: 18' H
Wing Space: 21' x 29', on stage right and stage left
Loading Dock: 9'2" W x 8'10" H, up stage center.
Fly Line Sets: Six 1-ton Motors, four on stage and two off stage
Grids: Three 35' high x 8" wide x 29' long Steel I-Beams on 20' Centers

Red Grand - 40' wide x 23' high

One Black Back 40' x 23' high

Three Black Boarders 5' x 40'

Three Sets of Black Legs 10' wide x 23' high

Dressing Room: One Star Dressing Room, stage left, 19'2" W x 27'6" L, with 2 restrooms
Green Room: Living room atmosphere, stage right, 24'6" W x 23'6" L
Electrical Specs:

300 amps, 3-phase, down stage right lighting

100 amps, 3-phase, down stage left sound

Load-In Vehicles: The loading dock is directly behind the theatre and school district building complex. Enter from Colorado Ave. into the driveway at the intersection of Lyons St. After load-in, drivers will be requested to move vehicles out of fire lanes and public entrances and exits.
Personal Vehicle Parking: Personal Vehicle Parking: Ample street parking is available on Colorado Ave., Canal Dr., Lyons St., and surrounding areas. If you have special needs, check in at the Box Office with the Theatre Manager.
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